Our Story


Flooky is the result of 25 years of experience that began with a stand on the island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, owned by the founders, Sagi and Lian. From a small stand, the company grew and established a chain of fashion accessories stores with service offices in China. The company specializes in the field of fashion accessories, gifts and gadgets. Today, Flooky provides solutions to brands around the world.

Funky Fish

In-House Brand. The Funky Fish design team creates over 2,400 new SKU per year, all of which are part of the Flooky catalog and available for you to select.

Why Us

  • Creative design, leading on trends, branded design
  • Understanding of customer needs (Planogram / annual entrances)
  • Diversity of product categories
  • Wide range, working with multiple materials (working directly with 150 production facilities)
  • Supply chain management platform
  • 20 years of experience

Flooky Platform

Flooky is a supply chain that is creating customized, end-to-end logistic solutions for brands and retailers. We create trend collections according to client needs and style. What make us unique is our high level of flexibility and innovative products.

Supply Chain Management


From concept to design brief, the design process converts the latest trends into finished products.


Our commitment: Sourcing the best materials and working with production facilities that comply with our values of quality and sustainability.


Our expert team works with production facilities to ensure that all products meet our standards.

Quality Control

Our unwillingness to compromise on standards makes us a leading brand in the design and production of fashion accessories. We always work to provide the highest quality and to meet the client’s schedule.

Logistics & Services

From the moment the product is put to paper until the moment it reaches the customer, at Flooky we aim to provide our customers with an unrivalled experience, with our teams working tirelessly to ensure their orders arrive on time and of the standard they deserve.

Certificate of Approval